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Peru’s New Grid Expansion Plans: Aims to strengthen the 500 kV backbone [free access]

March 14, 2017

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) recently approved the 10-year transmission development plan for the period 2017–2026, clearly indicating that developing the country’s electricity transmission network continues to be a focus area.


The plan divides the identified projects into two main categories: binding projects to be completed by 2022, and long-term projects for implementation up to 2026.  The first set contains six critical projects entailing an investment of about USD142.6 million. The second set has about 10 projects with an investment requirement of over USD614 million.


Binding projects to be implemented by 2022


The binding projects included in the approved transmission plan 2017–2026 are as follows:








Long-term projects to be implemented by 2026


The proposed long-term projects envisage new 500 kV lines linking Huánuco, Tocache and Celendín. These lines will help meet the demand in the Cajamarca area and connect generation projects in the Marañón river basin. These lines will also increase the reliability of the 500 kV network in the national system.


–      The approximately 194-km-long, 500 kV Trujillo–Celendín line

–      Linking in of 220 kV Celendín–Cajamarca line with 55 km of length

–      Expansion of the Trujillo substation

–      New 500/220 kV substation at Celendín with a capacity of 600 MVA

–      Extension of the existing 220 kV Cajamarca Norte substation


–      The 220-km-long, 500 kV Nueva Huánuco–Paramonga line

–      Expansion of the Nueva Huanuco substation

–      Extension of the Paramonga substation


–      The approximately 300-km-long, 500 kV Tocache–Celendin line

–      Amplification of the Tocache substation

–      Amplification of the Celendin substation


–      The approximately 230-km-long, 500 kV Nueva Huánuco–Tocache line

–      Amplification of the Nueva Huánuco substation

–      New substation at Tocache



–      The 130-km-long, 220 kV Aguaytía–Pucallpa line

–      Amplification of the the Aguaytía substation

–      A new 220/138 kV substation at Pucallpa

–      Automated reactive power compensation at the Pucallpa substation






In addition to these projects, Peru's investment promotion agency Proinversión announced tenders for the concession of the Guaranteed Transmission System (GTS) project, which includes the 500 kV Mantaro–Nueva Yanango–Carapongo line and associated substations; and the 500 kV Nueva Yanango–Nueva Huanuco line and associated substations.


The Mantaro–Carapongo project will allow reinforcement of the transmission system in the central region of ​​the country (Huancavelica and Junín), as well as the evacuation of surplus generation from the Mantaro zone to Lima. It includes the construction of the 179-km Mantaro–Nueva Yanango line of 1,400 MVA capacity, and the 211-km Nueva Yanango–Carapongo line of 1,400 MVA capacity. The project is likely to require an investment of about USD276.5 million.


The Nueva Yanango–Nueva Huanuco project will increase the reliability of the power supply to the Huánuco and Paragsha (Cerro de Pasco) regions, as well as to the Huaricashas and Vizcarra substations. It includes the construction of the 500 kV, 184-km Nueva Yanango–Nueva Huánuco transmission line of 1,400 MVA capacity; the 220 kV, 100-km Nueva Huánuco–Yungas transmission line of 450 MVA capacity; the 220 kV, 37.4-km Tingo María–Chaglla transmission line of 450 MVA capacity; and the 138 kV, 1-km Nueva Huánuco–Amarilis link of 100 MVA capacity. The project will require an investment of USD232.5 million.


In addition to these projects, Proinversión has announced that it will call for tenders for another five transmission projects. These are:


Peru is experiencing a strong demand for electricity, driven by its expanding mining sector and middle class. The country’s electricity sector is expected to expand further over the next five years as a result of the development of numerous new hydroelectric and thermal power projects. The government has thus prioritised investment in the electricity transmission infrastructure to ensure that the country is able to meet its energy goals.


Table 1: Binding projects under transmission plan for 2017–2026


Estimated cost (USD million)

Year required

Special protection scheme for:



–      Northern SEIN



–      Central-east SEIN



220 kV Pariñas–Nueva Tumbes transmission line and a new substation at Tumbes



220 kV New Tingo María–Aguaytía line and a new substation at Tingo María



500 kV La Niña–Piura line and associated substation



220 kV Piura Nueva–Piura Oeste line



Source: Peru’s Comité de Operaciones del Sistema Interconectado Nacional; Global Transmission Research