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The crucial role of energy storage in the transition towards a low-carbon and sustainable energy system is now widely acknowledged. However, the uptake and success of energy storage projects rely heavily on the regulatory environment. Regulators and legislators in the United States are already moving ahead on this matter. Stakeholders in Europe are also looking for the European Commission and regulators to adopt mechanisms that will allow energy storage to be used on a large scale.

The European Commission is soon expected to issue a communique reviewing the current environment and defining the future strategy for energy storage based on best practices and the most suitable way forward for an integrated and energy efficient Europe by 2020.

In this context, Global Transmission will host its second conference on Grid-Scale Energy Storage on July 3, 2012 at Conrad Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. The objective of the conference is to examine and review European regulatory and market conditions for the large-scale deployment of energy storage.

The conference will provide a forum to explore different regulatory issues, understand market structures, assess future requirements, and identify potential solutions to make grid-scale energy storage economically viable. It will offer an exclusive opportunity to interact closely with the European Commission's energy directorate and present a platform for advocating regulatory and market changes that can create economic value for storage applications for the electricity grid.

Key benefits to participants

The conference will feature speakers representing a wide spectrum of expertise, opinion and perspectives. The sessions and plenary discussions will provide an opportunity to:

  • Interact with the European Commission's energy directorate
  • Learn about the future prospects of grid-scale energy storage from the European Commission, regulators, utilities, financiers and consultants
  • Review the regulatory and policy developments concerning energy storage and assessing their impact on the industry
  • Identify the economic drivers for energy storage
  • Examine the key challenges and assess the future requirements and market opportunities for grid-scale energy storage
  • Learn from the US experience in implementing utility-scale energy storage
  • Understand the relevance of storage for grid integration of renewable energy
  • Recognise the value of energy storage for TSOs
  • Analyse viable market and business strategies for deploying grid-scale energy storage
  • Examine efficient ways of connecting storage to the grid
  • Gain insight into the valuation process of energy storage
  • Examine payment models and their impact on financing arrangements
  • Review the financing models for energy storage and understand the lenders' perspectives