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Global HV Substation Market: Planned Additions by Country [free access]

February 14, 2020

Transformer capacity additions will take place through new build and expansion projects. The majority (57 per cent) of the new build and expansion substation projects planned/proposed to be commissioned over the next 10 years will be executed in 10 of the 100 countries tracked for the analysis of the global substation market. Of the total new build and expansion projects, 15 per cent will be located in Indonesia, 11 per cent in India and 9 per cent in the US.


Figure 1: Share of planned new build and expansion projects during 2020–29,by country (%)

Source:Global Transmission Research


Over the next decade (2020-29), about 72 per cent of the total planned transformer capacity addition will take place in 10 countries. India will account for 23 per cent of the planned capacity, followed by Brazil with a 10 per cent share, Indonesia and Vietnam with a 8 per cent share each, US with a 6 per cent share, Philippines with a 5 per cent share, Egypt with a 4 per cent share, Turkey and Russia with a 3 per cent share each and South Africa with a 2 per cent share.


Figure 2: Planned substation capacity addition of top countries for 2020–29 (%)

Source:Global Transmission Research


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