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US Senate passes American Energy Innovation Act [free access]

December 30, 2020

Recently, the American Energy Innovation Act. (AEIA) was passed by the US Senate, in an effort to modernise the domestic energy laws, strengthen the country’s energy security, increase its international competitiveness and invest in clean energy technologies. 


The key provisions of the AEIA focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy (RE), energy storage; carbon capture, utilisation, and storage; advanced nuclear, industrial and vehicle technologies; mineral security; modernisation of cyber and grid security; and workforce development.


Through the AEIA’s emphasis will be on keeping energy affordable via planning technological innovation to lower the energy prices; and making energy cleaner via boosting energy efficiency and developing a wide range of low- and zero-emissions energy options.


Further, the AEIA will help in ensuring that American manufacturers use domestic energy and materials for their products, and that those resources are produced safely and responsibly by well-trained and highly-skilled workforce.