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Ecuador to invest USD241 million in improving SNT [free access]

January 6, 2021

Ecuador's state-owned power company, La Empresa Pública Estratégica Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador (CELEC EP), will invest USD241.6 million in the construction of new transmission facilities, and reinforcement and repowering of the Sistema Nacional de Transmisión (SNT) or the national transmission system. The investment will be financed with two loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB)-V and VI.


CELEC EP will execute these projects via its transmission unit Transelectric, under the company’s 2012–22 Transmission Programme and SNT Installation Replacement and Expansion Programme.


The new transmission projects under the IaDB-V loan are worth USD168.8 million. Some of the key projects are — Las Orquídeas, 230/69 kV Tanicuchí, 230/138 kV La Avanzada and 230/138 kV Cajas transmission systems, along with the 230/69 kV Posorja substation.


Meanwhile, the replacement and expansion projects will fall under the IaDB-VI loan and are estimated to cost USD72.8 million. Some of the key substation expansion projects are — the 230 kV Taday; 69 kV Durán 1 Bahía; Posorja and 230/69 kV, 225 MVA Locks.


Currently, these projects are in the process of obtaining their environmental licenses – a basic requirement to start construction works.