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Saudi’s SEC launches tender for four 380 kV OHTLs in Hail [free access]

May 10, 2021

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has launched tenders for the construction of around 769-km-long, 380 kV overhead transmission lines (OHTLs) in the Hail region.


The bids have been issued via four separate tenders. The first tender includes construction of a 216.90-km-long, 380 kV double-circuit OHTL between the Hail-4 (9070) and Qassim-2 (9025) bulk supply points (BSPs). The second includes construction of 155.80-km-long, 380 kV double-circuit OHTL between the Hail-4 (9070) and Hail-3 (9039) BSPs. The third entails establishment of 176.70-km-long, 380 kV double-circuit OHTL connecting the New Afif (9081), Dawadmi (9037) and Khuf (9006) BSPs, while the last one includes a 219.40-km-long, 380 kV double-circuit OHTL between the New Afif (9081) and Mahd (22350) BSPs.


The selected contractors are required to undertake the design, engineering, materials procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, transport and delivery to site, installation, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning, and all associated work and services until final handing over of the new OHTL work in a satisfactorily working and operating condition.