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Argentina restarts work on stalled 500 kV transmission project [free access]

May 27, 2021

Argentina will recommence work on the stalled 500 kV transmission line being constructed in the north-eastern part of the country. Around USD12.7 million will be added to complete the project, which is valued at USD110 million.


The project entails the construction of a second 500 kV, 270-km line between the Rincón Santa María and Resistencia substations, as well as the expansion of the Rincón Santa María and Resistencia substations. The Ministry of Energy had included the project in the country’s Plan Federal De Transporte Eléctrico or the Federal Plan for Electricity Transmission, in August 2011 (through Resolution 700/2011).


In November 2018, in a filing with Argentinean securities regulator Comisión Nacional De Valores (CNV), the developer of the project Integración Eléctrica Sur Argentina (Intesar)—a local subsidiary of the Argentina-based Grupo Eling S.A.— had mentioned that the policy of budgetary adjustment and the sharp devaluation of the domestic currency had negatively impacted the progress of the project.


The interconnection project is the fourth tranche of the transmission systems associated with the Yacyretá hydroelectric power project.


Post the completion, the transmission infrastructure will help the Sistema Argentino de Interconexión (SADI) or the Argentine interconnected grid, cope during periods of peak demand. Further, the Rincón Santa María substation will serve as an interconnection point with Brazil.