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Grid-enhancing technologies advocated to boost renewables in US [free access]

June 24, 2021

The Efficient Grid Interconnection Act of 2021 has been recently introduced to expand access to clean energy and reduce grid congestion in the US. The Bill, introduced in the House of Representatives, was in response to the barriers to and delays in the implementation of new renewable energy (RE) generation and energy storage interconnections during the last few years in the US.


The Act would require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to issue regulations to equitably allocate network upgrade costs among all the beneficiaries of the upgrade, and to require grid operators to study deploying grid-enhancing technologies to defray the costs of traditional transmission upgrades.


The grid-enhancing technologies include dynamic line ratings (DLRs), advanced power flow control, topology optimisation, and other hardware or software that increases the capacity, efficiency and/or reliability of the network.


This Act is being recognised as a crucial move in unlocking America’s clean energy potential, which is a vital step in its fight to solve the climate crisis.