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Project Update

Marinus Link, Australia [free access]

January 6, 2022

Developer: Tasmania’s transmission network developer TasNetworks


Project details and status: Second Bass Strait interconnector, widely known as the Marinus Link, is a proposed 1,500 MW undersea power link connecting Tasmania and Victoria, with supporting transmission infrastructure. The project is being developed by TasNetworks, and will operate in addition to the existing Basslink interconnector.


The first stage of the project involves building a 750 MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) link between Burnie in Tasmania and Hazelwood in Victoria, with support network augmentations in Tasmania. In the second stage, a second 750 MW HVDC cable will be installed.


The project entails around 250 km of undersea cables, 90 km of underground cables, as well as converter stations at both ends.


Project Marinus began in 2017. The first phase of the project was the feasibility and business case assessment phase, which was completed in late 2019.


Now that the project has reached the design and approvals phase, the utility will be mapping out route options, conducting surveys of the local area and analysing costs.


Recently, TasNetworks awarded an AUD5.5 million contract for works under the project. The Australian company MMA Offshore has won the contract to carry out critical engineering surveys, known as the Marine Engineering Geotechnical Site Investigation (MEGSI).  As part of works under the awarded contract, the expert crew of the 87-metre survey ship, named TEK Ocean Spirit, will be based in Burnie for the duration of the 39-day survey programme, with crew from Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.


The survey will commence in January 2022 and will be conducted on about 110 sites across the proposed undersea route between Heybridge in North-West Tasmania and Warratah Bay in South Gippsland, Victoria, at sea depths of up to 80 metres.