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Baltic and Polish TSOs sign grant pact for synchronisation project [free access]

June 9, 2022

The three Baltic electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) of Lithuania (Litgrid), Latvia (AugstspriegumaTÄ«kls AS or AST), and Estonia (Elering), along with Poland’s TSOPolskieSieciElektroenergetyczne (PSE), have signed a EUR170 million grant agreement with Europe’s Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Agency (CINEA) under the European Union (EU) funding for Phase II, Part II of the Baltic synchronisation project. Of the total grant, PSE, AST, Litgrid and Elering would receive EUR75 million, EUR37 million, EUR31 million, and EUR27 million respectively.The grant would be utilised to enhance power lines and substations, implementation of battery energy storage systems, as well as boosting IT control systems and power automatics.


The total amount for Phase II, Part II of the project is EUR230 million, of which 75 per cent will be co-funded from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).So far, the Baltic countries and Poland have received more than EUR1 billion in EU support for the modernisation of their national grids, construction of the Harmony Link submarine cable, and the installation of synchronous compensators in the Baltic countries.


The deadline for the completion of the synchronisation of the Baltic power grid with the Continental European network is 2025.


(EUR1 = USD1.068)