Given the ambitious decarbonisation goals set by the European Union (EU), several sectors are expected to undergo a massive transformation. Hydrogen is expected to play key role in decarbonisation of the continent, which will likely lead to the development of significant grid connected Power-to-Hydrogen (P2H2) production capacities over the next two decades. This in turn will have an important impact on the electricity system as well as on its interaction with the gas grid.

In this context, on February 1, 2023, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) conducted a stakeholder’s webinar on Flexibility from Power-to-Hydrogen’. The webinar was focused on discussing the effects of grid connected P2H2 capacities on the total electricity system, including system construction, planning, and operations with a focus on the flexibility offered by electrolysers for the supply of system services. Earlier in June 2022, ENTSO-E published the study on ‘Potential of P2H2 technologies to provide system services to create awareness amongst TSOs and their stakeholders on the extent to which electrolysers (P2H2) could participate in the provision of system services to electricity networks and thus respond to increasing flexibility needs.

The recent webinar brought together specialists in the field of the future of energy systems to discuss trends, lessons learned from electrolyser projects deployment, technical capabilities of electrolysers, long-term storage potential, and an assessment of the economic feasibility of grid services from P2H2.

The ENTSO-E study as well as presentation of the webinar can be accessed here