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Offshore Wind Transmission Report 2021

Driven by the common goal of achieving low-carbon economies, governments across the globe have set ambitious targets for offshore wind energy. Established markets such the UK, Germany and China have further expanded their offshore wind goals. New markets such as the US and Japan have launched supportive policy frameworks and funding programmes to accelerate the development of their offshore wind industries. Countries such as Australia, Vietnam and Greece are also keen to capture offshore wind opportunities.

However, the challenge of developing an adequate and robust offshore grid infrastructure still remains. Offshore wind integration and transmission needs have taken a center stage. New technologies and innovative solutions for interconnections have been proposed as projects become larger and complex.

Global Transmission Research has released the second edition of the Offshore Wind Transmission Report in August 2021. The report analyses the market size and opportunity for offshore wind transmission across the globe. The report provides an overview of the recent policy developments and mandates for offshore wind development, examine the costs and present the various models and technology options for developing offshore wind transmission infrastructure. It provides information on existing and planned offshore transmission projects and on the key technology players in the industry.

The report has four parts.

Part 1 is the Executive Summary.

Part 2 of the report provides an analysis of the global offshore wind transmission sector. It has nine distinct sections.

  • Offshore wind developments
  • Market size and opportunity
  • Offshore transmission development routes
  • Offshore wind transmission costs and investments
  • Financing offshore wind
  • Offshore wind transmission technology
  • Regional offshore initiatives
  • Key technology players
  • List of offshore wind transmission projects

Part 3 of the report profiles 30 countries where offshore wind projects already exists or planned in the near future.

Each country’s profile provides data and analysis on:

  • Industry structure
  • Recent policy and regulatory developments
  • Existing offshore wind generation and transmission capacity
  • Planned or proposed offshore wind generation and transmission capacity
  • Existing OWT projects (developer, capacity, technology, investment and key contractors)
  • Upcoming and planned OWT projects (developer, capacity, technology, expected investment and key contractors)
    Note: The data on various parameters for existing and upcoming/planned projects will be provided wherever such details are available

Part 4 of the report is the appendix. It includes a note on sources and methodology, key global and regional industry associations, and list of acronyms.

This report is indispensable for any organisation interested in the offshore wind energy industry — utilities, developers, system operators, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, EPC contractors, service and technology providers, investors/lenders, research institutes, industry consultants, regulatory agencies, development institutions, etc.

The report is available in a Power Point presentation (converted to PDF). It is priced at USD4,000.

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