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Private Participation and PPP Opportunities in Power Transmission

The global electricity transmission sector is poised for significant growth over the next decade, mainly driven by the need to connect upcoming generation facilities and improve electricity access. While state-backed utilities are gearing up to meet the grid expansion challenge, governments are putting in place stimulating policy measures and right regulatory initiatives to improve the investment environment to promote private participation. It is expected that the global power transmission market will provide investment opportunities worth billions of dollars to the private sector over the next few years. The attractive and stable returns offered by these regulated assets have made the public-private partnership (PPP) landscape extremely competitive.

The Private Participation and PPP Opportunities in Power Transmission report was released in November 2018 and analyses the expected opportunities for private participation and PPP in the transmission sector. It profiles key players dominant in this space, besides profiling 21 countries where such opportunities are available or are expected to be available in the near future.

The report has two distinct sections, and is presented in PowerPoint (in PDF) and Excel database formats. Data and analysis is presented through insightful graphs, figures and tables.

Part 1 of the report provides a global analysis on private participation and PPP in power transmission. It has seven distinct sections.

  • Private participation and PPP — models and routes
  • Recent developments
  • Experience so far
  • Bidding and evaluation process
  • Private participation and PPP opportunities and prospects
  • Issues and challenges
  • Competitive landscape (~45 companies)

Part 2 of the report provides profiles of countries where private participation and PPP opportunities exist or are planned or are expected to come up in the near future. 21 countries have been profiled under this section. 

Each country profile will provide data and analysis on:

  • Each country profile provides data and analysis on:
  • The electricity market structure
  • Snapshot of the electricity market
    - Growth in generation capacity and production, 2008–17
    - Growth in electricity consumption, 2008–17
    - Growth in line length and transformer capacity, 2008–17
  • Institutional and regulatory structure
  • Key players in transmission
  • PPP policy and regulations
  • PPP tender procedure and timeline
  • Key features of PPP tender and contract
  • Recent experience in private participation and PPP in transmission
    - Overview
    - Project award analysis by line length and investment
  • Expected growth in the electricity sector
    - Expected growth in generation capacity, 2018–27
    - Expected growth in consumption, 2018–27
    - Expected growth in transmission network, 2018–27
  • Private participation and PPP opportunities in transmission
    - Overview
    - Project pipeline
    - Expected investment
    - List of key projects to be auctioned
  • Contacts of key agencies and authorities

The report is priced at USD6,000.

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