Brazilian Aneel bans Chesf, Furnas and IESUL from bidding in May auction

Brazilian power regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (Aneel) has banned three power companies, namely, Companhia Hidro Eletrica do Sao Francisco (Chesf), Furnas Central Electric SA (Furnas) and Interligação Elétrica Sul S.A’s (IESUL) from participating in next month’s national power transmission auction.

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Brazilian Celesc issues tenders for 69 kV lines

Centrais Eletricas de Santa Catarina SA (Celesc), a Brazilian power company, has issued a tender to build a 69 kV line from Interligação Elétrica Sul S.A’s (IESUL) Forquilhinha substation to the Turvo substation in southern Santa Catarina state.

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