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Montana-Alberta Tie Line to be completed by mid-summer 2013

The Montana-Alberta Tie Line project being developed by Enbridge Incorporation is expected to be completed by July 2013. The project was originally proposed by Montana Alberta Tie Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tonbridge Power. Enbridge acquired the project when it took over Tonbridge.

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Montana DEQ approves MATL project route change

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has approved a route change for the Montana-Alberta Tie Line (MATL) project proposed by Montana Alberta Tie Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tonbridge Power Incorporated.

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Contract dispute halts cross-border MATL project

The construction of the Montana-Alberta Tie Line (MATL), a cross-border transmission line between Canada and the United States, has been halted pending the resolution of a dispute between the developer, Montana Alberta Tie Limited and its contractor, Rocky Mountain Contractors (RMC).

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Negotiations on MATL run into delays

Negotiations between Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and Tonbridge Power Incorporated-owned Montana Alberta Tie Limited over financing the Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL) are running into delays.

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