Turkey has recently announced its National Energy Plan (NEP) to meet the country’s net zero emission target by 2053.

The plan forecasts Turkey’s energy consumption to grow by 39.5 per cent from 147.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2020 to 205.3 mtoe in 2035. The share of renewable energy sources in primary energy consumption is set to increase from 16.7 per cent to 23.7 per cent in the same period.

The country’s installed power capacity will reach 189,700 MW in 20235 from 95,900 MW in 2020. About 74.3 per cent of this capacity increase is expected to come from renewable energy sources, primarily solar and wind. The installed solar capacity is expected to reach 52,900 MW, wind – 29,600 MW, hydroelectricity – 35,100 MW, and geothermal and biomass – 5,100 MW. The NEP also envisages battery storage capacity of 7.5 GW.