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Brazil: Planned Generation and Transmission Capacity

As per the Plano Decenal de Expansao de Energia 2032 or Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan 2032 presented by the Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE) or Energy Research Office, Brazil, it is anticipated that by 2032, an additional...

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Brazil: Growth in Electricity Transmission Network

Brazil has a few major vertically integrated players in the energy sector that are involved in generating, transmitting and distributing electricity. These include Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A. (Furnas), Companhia Hidro...

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Belgium: Planned Generation and Transmission Capacity

Belgium’s energy and climate policies push for rapid expansion of renewable electricity. The major players in the power generation sector are ENGIE’s Electrabel, Flexcity, Luminus and Eneco Energy Trades, and they have been...

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Belgium: Growth in Electricity Transmission Network

Belgium’s electricity transmission network is managed by its TSO Elia. It also has one of the most well-connected grids with its neighbouring countries including France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. As of 2022,...

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Chile: Planned Generation and Transmission Capacity

Chile is making significant efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050. As part of this initiative, the country plans to decommission all 28 of its coal projects, which collectively generate more than 5,529 MW of power, by 2040....

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Chile: Growth in Electricity Transmission Network

As of 2022, Chile’s transmission network comprised about 29,860 km of line length at the 500 kV, 345 kV, 220 kV, 154 kV and 112 kV voltage levels. Of the total installed line length, 61 per cent was at the 220 kV level, 16 per...

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Chile: Installed Capacity, Generation and Consumption

As of 2022, Chile’s electricity sector had an installed generation capacity of over 32 GW, comprising 28.6 per cent thermal, 22.6 per cent hydro, 21 per cent solar, 13.6 per cent natural gas, 12.2 per cent wind, and the rest...

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EAPP: Planned Generation and Transmission Capacity

Electricity demand for seven member countries of EAPP, for which the forecasted data is available, is expected to increase from 88,763 MW in 2023 to 1,45,969 MW in 2029, representing a CAGR of 13.24 per cent.  Figure 1:...

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EAPP: Growth in Electricity and Transmission network

Between 2017 and 2021, the transmission line length of seven member countries (for which line length details were available), namely, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, grew at a CAGR ranging from 1.48...

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EAPP: Installed Capacity, Generation, Power Exchange

The Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) was established in 2005 to coordinate cross-border electricity trade and grid connection among the countries of the eastern Africa region. EAPP comprises 13 eastern African countries —...

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Poland: Planned Generation and Transmission Capacity

Poland is making significant strides towards decarbonising its economy and reducing its carbon footprint. Over the next decade, the structure of power supply will change with the contribution of coal expected to decrease and...

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Poland: Growth in Electricity Transmission Network

As of December 2022, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A (PSE), the country’s transmission system operator (TSO), owned and operated a transmission network comprising over 300 lines with a total length of 16,091 km including...

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Top TSOs: Trends in Operational Performance

Global Transmission Research studied various parameters such as transmission losses, System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) to assess the operational...

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