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Burundi–Rwanda interconnection project

 The project entails the construction of an 80-km-long, 220 kV line connecting Kigoma (Rwanda) to Gitega (Burundi) via Ngozi, where a high and medium voltage transformer station will be installed.

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Egypt–Saudi Arabia Grid Interconnection Project

EETC and National Grid SA are developing an interconnection project to connect the grids of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The project entails the construction of a ±500 kV multi-terminal high voltage direct current (HVDC) link from Badr in Egypt to El-Madinah El Munawara via Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.

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500 kV HVDC Ethiopia–Kenya Link

The 500 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) line aims to link the power grids of Ethiopia and Kenya, create power-sharing between the two countries, reduce energy costs, and promote sustainable and renewable power generation.

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Saudi Arabia-Iraq Interconnector Project

The project entails the construction of a 435-km, 400 kV link capable of transmitting 1 GW between the two countries. The proposed line will connect the northern Saudi town of Arar with the central Iraqi city of Yusufiya.

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Jordan-Saudi Arabia Interconnection Project

The project entails the construction of a 164-km, 400 kV overhead transmission line between Qurayyat (Saudi Arabia) and East Amman (Jordan) along with a 400 kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) substation in Saudi Arabia.

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Cameroon–Chad Transmission Interconnection Project

The Projet d’interconnexion du réseau électrique Cameroun-Tchad (PIRECT) or the Cameroon–Chad interconnection project involves the construction of 1,566 km of high voltage (HV) lines between Ngaoundéré, Maroua, in Cameroon, and N’Djamena in Chad, along with associated substations and distribution networks for rural electrification along the lines

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Ethiopia–Somalia Electricity Interconnection project

The Ethiopia-Somalia interconnector comprises two 230 kV segments – the Northern interconnector with a preliminary routing of Dire Dawa–Togo Wajale–Berbera (via Hargeisa), which will extend for about 420 km, and the Southern interconnector, which has two possible routings: via Negele–Dolo Odo–Mogadishu, about 780 km long; or Gode–Beledweyne–Mogadishu, about 600 km in length.

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