In order to prepare for the winter, European countries have taken specific measures, such as increasing gas storage, expanding some power plants, converting to alternative fuels, and trying to use less electricity overall while also cutting electricity demand peaks by 5 per cent. These actions are meant to significantly lower the risk of adequacy.

To provide an assessment of the security of electricity supply for the winter season across Europe, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) has released the Winter Outlook 2022 The report states that the European electricity system is under higher pressure than other years, primarily due to exceptional circumstances. However, anticipatory measures have been taken by member countries before winter to lessen the effects.

The electricity systems in Ireland, France, Southern Sweden, Finland, Malta, and Cyprus are under the most stress, according to the analysis. The electricity system is still heavily reliant on gas, although favourable weather conditions might reduce this reliance for the power system. Another concern area relates to uncertainties around nuclear availability in France, Sweden and Finland, as well as coal supply in Germany and Poland.

The report can be accessed here